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Welcome to my website.  Here you’ll find a list of my published compositions and arrangements and my
current schedule including teaching events and performances.   Plus, you'll find details about my two
PLAYING.  Both texts are the culmination of over forty years of performing, teaching, and composing and

Conducting the Music, Not the Musicians (Carl Fischer, 2002) was co-written with my brother Henry
and leverages the insights of our teachers, Pablo Casals and Lucien Cailliet.  Both were proponents of
using internal imagery to shape the conducting gestures needed to achieve expressive performance.   
While covering the basics of conducting technique, this text remains focused on teaching how clearly and
eloquently conducted musical phrases leads to the most expressive playing.  As one reviewer remarked,
our focus as conductors is on "expressing musical phrases so clearly that the musicians find themselves
naturally creating the phrases with us."   This explains our rationale for the title, “Conducting the Music,
Not the Musicians”
The Art of Expressive Playing (Carl Fischer, 2004) is believed to be the world's first and only comprehensive text-book on
phrasing and expressive playing.  Also co-written with Henry, it was designed to stimulate imagery skills by focusing on the creative
process that comes before the musician plays their first note.  Teaching the concepts in this series to students before they begin to
learn repertoire will lead to greater student creativity and will save you valuable rehearsal time by improving your ensemble's

I retired in 2005 from Bucks County Community College after 36 years, but have remained busier than ever.  In 2007 I contributed
four arrangements and conducted the recording sessions on James Gafgen's CD, La Voce Romantica.  In 2010 I was also
commissioned by the National Catholic Band Association to write an arrangement of two hymns for band which was released in the
fall of that year.  In 2011 I was commissioned to compose RHAPSODY FOR ALTO SAXOPHONE by the Quincy Park Band, Quincy,
Illinois, Pam Potter conductor.  It was premièred in July 2011 with Dale Underwood, former Saxophone soloist with the United States
Navy Band, as soloist and I had the pleasure of guest-conducting the piece.   I am the Musical Director of the
Delaware Valley Wind
Symphony and still play regularly with the Philadelphia Saxophone Quartet and The Delaware Valley Woodwind Quintet.

In January 2014 I completed 30 consecutive years of teaching in Australia at the Jerry Nowak Conducting Summer School,
sponsored by the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association of New South Wales. These two-week courses went very well
with great help from the ABODA NSW staff, all of whom studied with me over the years and contributed their time for the good of the
profession.  In 2013 and 2014 I made a side trip before returning to the States by going to Wellington, New Zealand to do a two-day
conducting seminar.  It was held at Scots College with Andrew Stopps as the manager of the event.  Ian and Rhonda Bown went with
me and Ian was a great help over the two-day conference as he’d been with me on staff in Sydney for many years.

Randy Navarre and Northeastern Music have been putting many of my pieces back in print that have been out-of-print for many
years, as well as some new pieces on all levels. The new pieces are listed with an * before the title. Here’s a list of the new and
second edition pieces released over the past few years and may be heard on their website,

At the Summit – grade 1 ½
Calypso Song – grade 1 ½
* Carol of the Friendly Beasts – grade 1 ½
*Dr. Jazz – grade 1/ ½
*Swing Low – grade 1 ½
Aria – Bach/Nowak – grade 2
*Fanfare, Prelude and Fugue – grade 2
Paragon – Grade 2
*New Spirit Overture – Grade 2
*Hyde Park Overture – Grade 2
*Celebratory March – Grade 2
*Two Hymns for Band – grade 2
Battle Cry of Freedom – Root/Nowak – grade 2 ½
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean – grade 2 ½
Viennese Sonatina – grade 2 1/2
March of the Freeman – grade 2 ½
Portrait of the American West – grade 2 ½
Great Lakes Overture – grade 3
*Barcarolle – Tchaikovski/Nowak – Grade 3
*Carnival – Tchaikovski/Nowak – Grade 3
*Christmas Waltz – Tchaikovski/Nowak – Grade 3
*Jazz Me Blues – Dulaney/Nowak – Grade 3
Jack Tar – Sousa/Nowak – Grade 3
*Suite For Saxophone Quartet and Band – Grade 3
Suite For Woodwind Quintet and Band – Grade 3
*Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair – grade 4
Festivals Of American Spirituals - Grade 4 and contains the following well known spirituals:  Little David, Play on Your Harp,
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, Were You There?, Joshua, Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen,
and Every Time I Feel the Spirit. Duration 6:45.
*Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone – grade 4
The White Ensign – Grade 4 - (concert march dedicated to the Australian Navy Band)
*Music for a Celebration – Grade 4

In the past few years I’ve arranged the following titles for Carl Fischer targeted for the community and adult concert bands:  
Alexander’s Ragtime Band, I’m Always Chasing Rainbows, La Paloma, Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Saint Louis Blues, Chicago
and Indiana (Back Home Again In).  All are grade level four pieces and may be heard on Carl Fischer’s website:

My jazz ensemble pieces published over the past few years by Kendor in their Jazz Journey series are: Down Under Shuffle - Grade
3-4; Alegria Latina – Grade 3-4; Chris’ Tune – Grade 3-4.  And in their very easy Jazz Gateway series, I have Latin Nights, Swing
Time and Playin’ The Blues and may be heard on the their website at:   

Two new jazz ensemble pieces published by Northeastern Music: La Paloma – Grade 4 and Walkin’ My Bass Back Home  - Grade 4
(a bass solo feature).  Also may be heard at

All my published pieces with William Allen Music are now available through Barnhouse Publications.  There are 37 pieces all
together, including concert bands on the elementary, middle school, and junior high level.  Also, there are some marching band and
jazz ensemble pieces.  They are all listed on their web site,, and can easily be found and listened to there by
searching my name.

There are also a number of new ensemble pieces written for Saxophone Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, and Brass Quintet that can be
found and listened to at Northeastern’s website: