The Art of Expressive Playing
The Art of Expressive Playing by Jerry Nowak and Henry Nowak.  Published 2004 by Carl Fischer, New York, NY

Teacher's Manual Book with CD, JB51, ISBN 0825856604 ($24.95)   Woodwinds and Mallets Book, JB52, ISBN 0825856612 ($9.95)
Performance Example CD, JB51-53 ($12.95)                                           Brass and Percussion Book, JB53, ISBN 0825856620 ($9.95)

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While there are no absolute rules concerning expressive playing and phrasing, this innovative series clearly lays out basic concepts that help players
become good musicians. The series focuses on the natural relationship between meter, rhythm, contour, tonality, style and historical period, and guides
the player to a greater understanding of factors that can improve performance. This one of a kind text, written for teachers, woodwind, brass and
percussion players, will help stimulate and cultivate more musical playing by individual musicians and by ensembles as a whole.

The Art of Expressive Playing is designed to stimulate imagery skills by focusing on the creative process that comes before the musician plays their first
note. Teaching the concepts in this series to students before they begin to learn repertoire will lead to more student creativity and will save you valuable
rehearsal time by improving your ensemble's performance. This could lead to higher ratings at your next festival competitions. The Nowaks' concepts will
help musicians in your ensemble to play off of each other's expressive playing to create a more musical performance. The series focuses on the following
concepts: support breathing; ensemble tuning; meter; phrasing; articulation; time; expressive dynamics; melodic phrasing; repetition; balance; and much
more!  This is a truly ground-breaking series that no band director should be without!  Here are a few examples from the teacher's manual, including PDF
and MP3 files which may be downloaded:

Articulation Exercises:  Excerpt 1 (
PDF)  Exercise 15A (MP3)  Exercise 15B (MP3)
Expressive Dynamics:  Excerpt 2 (
PDF)  Exercise 25 (MP3)  Exercise 26 (MP3)
Teacher's Manual, Book with CD
JB51, ISBN 0825856604 ($24.95)

The Teacher's Manual contains background
material for the study and presentation of each
chapter.  Each chapter features general comments
as well as specific suggestions for all examples,
which are printed in conductor score format.  In
addition, the teacher will find conducting and
rehearsal suggestions for many of the examples.  
Also included are the student pages with examples
as in the other books in the series.

The Teacher's Manual also features a CD (also
available separately) that includes performances of
all the examples in the series.  Each unison example
has been recorded three times, where the first and
third are complete as written.  The second version
presents the example in fragments to demonstrate
expressive phrase groupings as you play.  All
ensemble examples are recorded twice and a short
verbal explanation precedes each example.
  Woodwinds and Mallet Percussion
JB52, ISBN 0825856612 ($9.95)

This book focuses on woodwind instruments and
mallet percussion, and how important it is to play
expressively.  It  features examples and exercises
that are scored in appropriate keys for the chosen
instruments.  Nowak breaks down the series
concepts in detail in twelve units.
  Brass and Percussion
JB53, ISBN 0825856620 ($9.95)

This book focuses on brass instruments and
percussion and the importance of playing
expressively.  It features examples and exercises
that are scored in appropriate keys for brass
instruments, as well as notation for snare and
bass drum.  Nowak breaks down the series
concepts in detail in twelve units.
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